Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Yup, that's right. Eric got a job in the spring time, prior to his graduation from Oregon State. He moved up to Anchorage in June, just a few days after his last class. I stayed in Portland at my mom's house for a month, working on my tan with my brother Matt's girlfriend Erika. I had lots of fun hanging out with her! Though I didn't get to spend much time with other friends in the area, mostly because I'm a lazy jerk. I did get a chance to focus on wedding planning though, which was nice.

So Eric flew back to Portland for the wedding - he was so gosh darn CUTE when we picked him up from the airport! I couldn't stop hugging him! Sooo...then we got married on July 11th, 2009 in Bend. It was a beautiful, sunny day.

I am so glad I married Eric!!!!!! It's great being married to someone who agrees with me on nearly everything. Plus he's a great cook, and if you know me you must know I am a terrible cook (ADD & recipes don't mix)! :)

I moved up to Alaska with him in July, we flew up to Anchorage from Portland the day after our wedding! We went on our honeymoon on the Kenai Peninsula and explored Soldotna. And YES we brought our dogs! They flew up on the airplane with us, along with the 1 cat we were able to bring along (Oscar). They did surprisingly well and thank God didn't go potty all over themselves in the plane! haha.

Since then we have just been hanging out in Anchorage. We went camping and fishing a few times. The more "wild" parts of Alaska are much nicer than the cities. Honestly I don't like Anchorage much. From what I've experienced, it's pretty ghetto. Kind of like a mini-Los Angeles.

So now it's mid-September, temperatures are cooling down. Eric has decided he wants a new job, he doesn't like the one he got. So we are going to be moving pretty soon (at least that's the plan). Not sure where to. We are hoping to move to Fairbanks. If not we will happily return to Oregon (if we can find jobs there) with a few fond memories of our summer spent in Alaska.

We may or may not be staying here much longer. I will keep everyone updated!

I do NOT have internet since we moved up here, which explains why I haven't updated this since spring.

We are happy - and looking forward to moving somewhere new again.

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