Sunday, March 22, 2009


Peanut and Zevon (the dogs) have been happy lately because we've been taking them on long, daily hikes and playing lots of fetch! :) Though neither of them are good at fetch, usually it ends with me and Eric running around looking for a ball.... The cats are doing great - we rescued a 3rd cat on March 11th, we named her "Izzy" because we ate at Izzy's Pizza the night we rescued her. She had been living in the humane society for over 3 months and we just thought she was the coolest cat ever so we took her home after visiting her multiple times. :) The other cats took to her rather quickly and now they all sleep together on our bed when we're not home. The dogs don't seem to care that there's another cat. They're more interested in other things, like sleeping, eating, and running around outside.
Izzy sleeping on Eric's butt:
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I AM SO EXCITED FOR OUR WEDDING IN JULY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS. Eric cut his hair, again. He got so scruffy and was never washing his hair so he decided to shave it all off! Hopefully it grows back enough to look normal again by July. :)

Eric before:
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Eric after:
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Good night all!

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  1. Your new kitty is so cute. She looks like a sweetheart and it's great that you saved her, it sounds like her time was running out.

    It's so nice to have a close haircut during the summer, it feels so much better.